Nailed It! Featured in Netflix's Food Day Part of the #NetflixFYSEE Event Series

Netflix?invited Television Academy National Active members and guests to their special Netflix Food Day part of their FYSEE Event Series.

Mashamal Bailey Chef's Table Panel

The event was hosted by Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski and featured panels and demonstrations by the cast of Chef's Table, Fat Salt Acid and Heat and Nailed It!

Salt Fat Acid Heat Panel

At the event, Netflix announced a new show joining the Netflix Food family,?The Chef Show. It?will feature actor, director, producer, and screenwriter Jon Favreau and gourmet food truck pioneer, Chef Roy Choi.?

The Cast of The Chef Show

Netflix also officially announced the expansion?of the?Nailed It! franchise which will be showed in? Spain, Germany, and France.?

Nailed It FYSEE

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