We Partnered with Nature’s Garden for Fruit & Nut Clusters

Jacques Torres Chocolates partners with Nature’s Garden for Belgian chocolate fruit and nut clusters


We have teamed?up with Nature’s Garden?to create Jacques Torres by Chocolate Orchard.?These Fruit & Nut Clusters combine Nature’s Garden’s premium fruits and nuts with Belgian chocolate from the premium chocolatier.?They?will be available in selected Costco Locations.?

“Jacques Torres is the best Chocolatier in the world. He was the obvious choice for us when we started exploring our first premium dark chocolate product,” says Sarp Tuncay, head of marketing and e-Commerce for Nature’s Garden and Chocolate Orchard brands. “The dark chocolate clusters are all created in the Jacques Torres factory in New York, by Torres himself. With the health benefits of dark chocolate, nuts, and fruit, it is in keeping with our Nature’s Garden mission.”

“My motto is ‘real is my promise to you,’ and I extend that into everything I do,” says Jacques Torres. “Nature’s Garden shares my commitment to quality, fresh products. Together we have mastered guilt-free indulgence.”

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